Wednesday, March 21, 2012


     Another post, another poem. This one was written as a half-poem, half-song. If any of you have a possible tune for this, give it a go and let me know. Until then, it will simply remain words on a page. (Music really brings our language to life)


You've got your money,
Drugs, drinks, and bling.
But you've never got your freedom,
A Liberty Bell to ring.
Your psychedelics, religious relics
Never brought anyone joy.

Existentialism is only detrimentalism.
Escape can't be found through the sky or ground.
Release can't read in fiction or Freud.
Success isn't gained through being paranoid.

You've only got Life through the Man on the tree,
Through the blood poured out to make other men free.
Though until now your existence seemed eternity,
Your Life has just begun.

The eternal grave has been turned back again:
You've been made aright--
You've been made alive.
--Today is the last day that you'll die--

Tonight is the night you begin to thrive
Tonight is the night you come alive
Like the current that flows to light up the skies
Is the joy of freedom that lights up your eyes.

There's a fire a'ragin', yearning for souls,
[It lights up the night, and love is its pull]
The flames fan across the full of the world
[Instead of ashes, they leave men strong and bold]

Light up the sky, light up the night
You've got freedom in Christ, He's won the fight.
Welcome to joy, the death of all strife
Welcome to victory, love, freedom, and life.