Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate for the White House #1...

     Tonight promises to be interesting. At 9pm, we will find out if both candidates can manage to avoid gaffes, stay cool, and still zing those one-liners at each other and the audience. Although Romney and Obama have distinctly different speaking styles, they both are seasoned and well-grounded speakers.  This debate is the culmination of weeks of preparation. To prepare for the debates, both candidates have used sparring partners: Romney has practiced with Ohio Sen. Rob Portman; and Obama has prepared with Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry.
     On a side note, both candidates also have distinctive traits that appear when they are flustered. Here's what to watch for:
     --Obama: Tends to begin to drone on about a topic. He used to be a lecturer for law students, and he is most comfortable with that type of delivery; a monotone speech littered with vocabulary beyond the average person's.
     --Romney: Becomes excited and uses his hand gestures without purpose. Romney tends to be a slightly more dynamic, excitable speaker, and the excitement grows as he becomes flustered.

     Want to watch the debate? Starting at 9pm Eastern, the debate will be streaming live below.