Monday, November 7, 2011

Daily Grind...

     In the ordinary lies the extraordinary. In the simple is found the complex. 
     These statements hold true for every aspect of life. Yet, how often we forget that in the mundane one can find the amazing. Take for instance the cell. The definition of the cell is "The smallest, most basic structural unit of living organisms." Despite the fact that scientists define the cell the 'most basic structural unit', it still remains the most puzzling and incredibly complex. The sheer amount of sub-cellular 'machines' that perform the functions of a cell is staggering, not to mention the amazing fact that the 'machines' exist at that infinitesimally small, molecular level. 
    In physics, scientists agree that the element Hydrogen (or H) is the simplest atom that we know of. Yet even then, the interactions between the Electrons, Neutrons and Protons have still to be understood. The detail at the  atomic level continually defies understanding by the most PHDified researcher. 
      In the Daily Grind of Life, everything seems so ordinary. We constantly wish for changes from boredom and routine. We wish something from somewhere would make our lives more exciting, more interesting, more different than they are now. We wonder, "Why don't we see miracles anymore?" But do we stop our monotonous duties and consider what is right before us? How often do we think  and realize that every single aspect of life is miraculous, is incredible, and, if we think how God made the universe just for us, is exciting. How often do we look at the sky and find the beauty in its azure infinity; find comfort that it hasn't fallen yet?  How often to we realize that if  we hadn't been in that exact place in life, we never would have met our best friends? How often do we realize that we are living in a world where spiritual forces are at work, either saving or damning men's souls? Ordinary? I think not.
     How often do we simply pass over the fact that the infinite, King of the universe wants to just hold us in His arms and remove any sin we commit? How often do we see the forests of Autumn and recognize God's paintbrush at work? Every single object, every single occurrence, every single person in our lives has been touched by the hand of God. And whenever He is behind something, you can bet that it is extraordinary.
     I would love to see a full-fledged miracle, just as the disciples saw when they walked with Jesus, but until then I must realize that miracles are before my eyes: the world, my friends, my family, my life. Life is exciting when you find the extraordinary in the ordinary.