Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Speciality...

     Describe outer space. Go.
What did you say? Maybe you mentioned that it's a vacuum, and that planets, stars, and asteroids hang suspended in it, and its infinity. Close to what you said?
    But back up for a minute. You said that space was infinite. Describe infinite.
Can you describe infinite? Can you really and truly wrap your mind around what it means to go on forever...and forever...and forever? It would be nice if our universe was like George Lucas' "Star Wars", where everything is categorized into "Inner Rim", "Outer Rim", etc; but it's not. Think about it though, how incredible is it that we live in houses on earth (which to us seems huge in itself), and that earth just floats in space, and that space goes on for infinity. We have no full reference points in space, so we can't even tell where in the universe we live. How scary is that? But, how amazing is it?
    The entire universe was created just for us. The entire, infinite, boundless, limitless, indescribable universe was given to us as a gift. We must be something special, huh?
     Daily life can seem like it is the only thing in front of us, and it is the only thing in life. Emotions can tell us that we are not cared for, loved, or special. But take a step back and see the whole picture. Look up, and realize that the blue sky above us goes on forever. Suddenly, our troubles seem rather insignificant, don't they? Look up, and realize that everything we see and cannot see was made especially for us by our loving Father. Suddenly, our lives seem rather significant, don't they?

    You are special.