Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Chosen...

Life is hard. We all can say that. But never forget who and what you are; how much you are worth:

Feeling left out, struggling through
The gray shell of the day.
Maybe pushed aside, maybe ignored
Humanity's mistakes, hunting you: the prey.

Not only theirs, but also yours;
Pains hanging on your heart. 
Whisper "Not loved," whisper "No good"
Between heartbeats miles apart.

But you're chosen.

He's pursuing you with open arms;
Pursuing you with His own heart.

You are chosen.

Full of love, ever enough
His head spinning for you.
The wounds in His hands drip with blood
That cries out:

You are loved.

Why doubt His Passion?
Why doubt His grace?
You're chosen as His bride
With Christ you have a place.

The gray tatters of life may press
Sorrows lie in wait for Joys.
But live like you've nothing left, 
Because He's chosen you.

[Chosen, and loves you.]