Friday, January 13, 2012

The 'isms'...

     Add a little bit of humor in your day; think about things outside the box. Here are some 'isms', some real, some not, that I think can all tie back to a fear. goes:

  • Disestablishmentarianism: The fear of politicians
  • Atheism: The fear of there being a God
  • Retailism: The fear of unspent money
  • Optimism: The fear of being a pessimist
  • Nihilism: The fear of everything 
  • Dogmatism: The fear of being wrong (in some cases)
  • Communism: The fear of sharing
  • Recidivism: The fear of going straight, for once
  • Parodyism: The fear of everything remaining serious
  • Bullyism: The fear of someone bigger
  • Occupyism: The fear of the 1%
  • Kim Jong-il-ism: The fear of being less than magnificently and almightily supreme
  • Hedonism: The fear of pain
  • Pragmatism: The fear of being impractical
  • Nuclearism: The fear of actually having to launch the missiles
  • Apple-ism: The fear of anything that is not a touchscreen
  • Video Game-ism: The fear of living in reality
Have more? Add them in the comments; thinking outside the box once a day is good for you.