Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Acquitted and free...

     Last night, Amanda Knox was acquitted of a crime, which the Italian court believes she did not commit. Watching the news this morning, all of the news anchors were ecstatic for this American citizen to be able to come home. The reporters showed shots of the family celebrating at their home in Seattle, WA, as the verdict was read. It was a joy to see the relief and gladness on their faces as they realized that their daughter, niece, cousin, aunt, was able to come home after four years in an Italian prison. Read the full story here:
     One can only imagine what the press response that the Italian court and judge are receiving looks like. They clearly (or maybe not so clearly) convicted an innocent person and created an international case, not to mention uproar. Was this acquittal due to pressure, or was it due to the facts? Sometimes, the two are almost the same for some courts, and yet, let us believe that it was Justice that was served here, not popular opinion.
   Interestingly enough, two thousand years ago, the entire world was acquitted of a crime that all did commit. The Supreme Court of God loved us so much, that through His grace, He signed a "Not Guilty" verdict. The full story can be found here: However, God did not just give sway to His love. No. Justice had to be served, and so, a perfect, sinless, righteous man was sent to be murdered and take the punishment in Humanity's place. The only person who is perfect enough to be the sacrifice for the entirety of mankind's sin, was the son of the Judge. Jesus Christ filled and finished mankind's sentence of death, so that Justice might be served, and that true love might be shown. Indeed, there still has yet in history to be another occurrence like this one.
    Acquitted and free. Celebrate the acquittal of Amanda Knox today, and accept the gift of your acquittal as well.