Monday, October 24, 2011


     Did you ever wonder, what makes the grass grow? Did you ever wonder, what makes the sun shine? Did you ever wonder, where Girl Scout Cookies come from?
     In answer to the first two questions, God is the one behind it all; as for the third question, the way the cookies taste, God could be behind that too. However, the Girl Scout website says differently. Apparently, the Girl Scouts do not make the cookies themselves, but are only the door-to-door solicitors of goodness. Two outside companies make the cookies themselves: "ABC Bakers" and "Little Brownie Bakers". These companies are licensed by the Girl Scouts of America to bake the Thin Mints, Do-Si-Do's, and Samoa cookies. Just in case you were worried, all of the cookies are Kosher.
     According to the website, the best selling cookie is the Thin Mint, closely followed by the Samoa and the Peanut Butter varieties. No preservatives are used in the making of the cookies, and no animals are hurt in the process of the baking. All of the chocolate used comes from a free trade zone, and not from obscure cacao farms with the beans picked by children. Although some of the cookies say "Sugar Free" they still might possess a small amount of High-Fructose Corn Syrup, making them not diabetic cookies.
    This ends the line of information about the Girl Scout Cookies, and here ends any philosophical status that my blog may have had. Next up--where do the Boy Scouts get all of their popcorn?

And yes, the packages are 100% recyclable.