Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Follow You...

Our Tapestry of Grace history meeting was very good tonight. Inspiring, in fact. Not that I wasn't paying attention, but the Lord gave me words for a poem/song. Its really more of a psalm though.

A Psalm of Trust

I will rise up on Eagle's wings
But where should I fly?
I have refuge in the cleft of the Rock
Does that mean I should hide?
Following, listening, looking for Your voice,
I hear you calling, but to where should I go?

Shall I turn to the East
Or move to the South.
I know you lead me, but where shall I follow?
Do I go to the world,
Or is home the place to be?
I follow your call
Though I cannot see

Doors open and close, do I step through?
I'll wait and again, I depend on You.
Say move and I'll move
Say go and I'll go.
There's a plan You have laid out
A plan for me and the world.

I'll follow to the ends of the earth--
Your ways are not my ways, O God.
There is nothing unknown to You:
Why would I trust my knowledge
As faulty as it is?
Follow is a simple word,
And follow you I will.

Who shows the sparrow how to fly?
Should I follow You? I will not ask why.
High above all else
You reign in all and create all.
Though I do not know the direction,
I will follow You.

When I cry out, You are there.
You catch my every tear
You have shown Yourself true
Through and through.
If I trust You with my strife,
Why not give You all my life?
The way is unclear....
...but Your way holds no fear.