Thursday, October 13, 2011

Arabic Lesson (contd)....

For those of you who waited patiently to figure out what the two men were saying in Arabic yesterday--here is a translation.
Ahmed: Hello! My name is Ahmed
Najeed: Hello to you.
Ahmed: What is your name?
Najeed: My name is Najeed. Where are you from?
Ahmed: I am from Kuwait. And you?
Najeed: I am from Tunis.
Ahmed: Nice to meet you. How are you?
Najeed: I am fine, praise God. And yourself?
Ahmed: I'm good, praise God. Hello.
Najeed: Hello to you.
(both men look at each other strangely; staring at the other's eyebrows. They turn, take three paces in opposite directions, and fire. The duel is clearly spontaneous in nature. Both miss, then run off-stage)

Now, due to my amateur Arabic skills, the above translation may or may not be up to par, but it gets the gist of the conversation.