Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Arabic Lesson...

Arabic is a neat language, full of variety, color, and yes, words. Have you ever wondered what a short conversation might look like? Here we go:

Ahmed: Ahlan wa Sahlan! Ana ismi Ahmed.
Najeed: Ahlan biik.
Ahmed: Ism HaDritak ee?
Najeed: Ana ismi Najeed. HaDritak mineen?
Ahmed: Ana min al-Kuwayt. Wa HaDritak?
Najeed: Ana min Tuunis.
Ahmed: Itsharrafna. Izzayy HaDritak?
Najeed: Ana kuwayyis, il-Hamdu lillaah. Wa HaDritak izzayy?
Ahmed: Ana tamaam,il-Hamdu lillaah. Ahlan wa Sahlan.
Najeed: Ahlan biik.
(the two exit stage left and stage right, taking care to cross upstage and downstage at least once, and gesture wildly, leaving the audience wowed, stunned, and confused.)

Have no clue what the two men just discussed? Translation will be posted tomorrow, or for the impatient, Google Translator is always available.